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Oktober 2021

Modal Minute #37 – EG Variations on COBALT8 and ARGON8

With three Envelope Generators, ARGON8 and COBALT8 have a lot to offer for creative sound design sessions. This Modal Minute highlights how to use the different EG characteristics for tailored curves depending on the desired patch type, like plucked sounds, basses or pads.

Modal release Firmware v2.5 for ARGON8

Over the past years, ARGON8 has become one of the most coveted wavetable synth on the market. With ARGON8 Firmware v2.5 releases Modal Electronics a number of bug fixes and improves the stability of this synth.

Let’s Play #10 – Using Both Hands to Play Runs and Riffs

Many players new to synths (or any keyboard) have a hard time performing smooth lines that move up and down the keyboard, because they haven’t mastered the ability to cross over or under the thumb, as is usually done when playing scales and other passages.

Modal Minute #36 – Audio-Rate LFO Modulations on ARGON8

ARGON8 offers immensely powerful LFOs with audio-rate frequencies. This Modal Minutes shows some practical examples to use this feature for your sound design endeavours.

Backstage with James Brandon Green

If you’re ever wondered what’s involved in being a movie trailer composer, this is one instalment of Modal Electronics’ Backstage you can't afford to miss.