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Modal Electronics partners with Musik Meyer GmbH to reorganise key markets distribution

Modal Electronics, a leading global synthesiser manufacturer, partners with KORG & More, a brand unit of Musik Meyer GmbH, as their exclusive distribution partner for their ground-breaking synthesiser portfolio in Germany and Austria, Switzerland (Musik Meyer Switzerland) and BENELUX (Musik Meyer Benelux).

Since 2015, Modal Electronics has cemented itself at the leading edge of forward-thinking synthesiser technology. Fusing sophisticated analogue and digital circuitry with an innovative approach to synthesiser design, Modal Electronics’ current portfolio is regarded as the pinnacle for users seeking modern synth-centric tools engineered for the forward-thinking creative. Whether it’s the Wavetable-fuelled ARGON-Series, the Beyond Analogue COBALT-Series or the new ‘go-anywhere’ COBALT5S, users are empowered with unparalleled creative possibilities and the convenience of a 1:1 standalone app- and plugin-based control courtesy of MODALapp.

The growth and success of Modal Electronics demand a sales/distribution entity in the all-important German-speaking and BENELUX markets with a thorough understanding of all aspects of the international music equipment marketplace. Modal Electronics identified exactly those qualifications and capabilities in Musik Meyer. With extensive experience distributing some of the world’s top musical instrument and pro audio brands, KORG & More, as a subdivision of Musik Meyer, guarantees to deliver top-flight service for Modal Electronics’ next-generation synthesiser portfolio via strategic routes to market and their wealth of proven first-hand expertise.


About KORG & More
KORG & MORE is a brand unit of Musik Meyer, one of the leading Distributors for Musical Instruments in Europe, with more than 70 years of experience. Creative, focused and simultaneously flexible brand units on the one hand, and the entire MUSIK MEYER Group on the other hand, provide the ideal symbiosis for success. Specialist product and market knowledge, supplemented by concentrated sales expertise, modern logistics and after-sales services form the key strengths of the well-established SME.

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COBALT8 Firmware V2.1 ist ein Wartungsupdate für unseren Extended Virtual-Analogue Synth.

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This short video covers the new filter types added in the V3 firmware for ARGON8. The 4 new filter types are: Ladder, Ladder Hybrid, Ladder Phaser and Salen Key.

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This short video covers a new feature in the V3 firmware for ARGON8 and V2 firmware for COBALT8 – the new Distortion FX. They include 4 distortion algorithms, each with mono and stereo variants, Soft Clip, Hard Clip, Rectify and Fold.

COBALT8 Firmware v2.0 Erhältlich

Mit der neuen Firmware V2 ist COBALT8 bestens gerüstet, um die Kreativität von Musikern, Produzenten und Sound Designern zu entfesseln und sie mit klassischen und angesagten Synth-Sounds zu versorgen

Modal Minute – ARGON8 V3 Vintage Parameter

This short video covers one of the best new features in the V3 firmware for ARGON8 – the new Vintage parameter. It gives ARGON8 the ability to emulate discrete circuitry found in vintage polysynths.

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One of the most significant new features for ARGON8 is Oscillator Freerun. This Modal Minute highlights this function.

ARGON8 Firmware v3.0 Erhältlich

Die ARGON8 Firmware Version 3 stellt das umfassendste Update für unseren hochgelobten Wavetablesynthesiser seit seiner Vorstellung vor drei Jahren dar.

This is FILTON

Dual Analogue Transistor Ladder Filter Module for Eurorack now on Kickstarter!

Modal Electronics Summer 2022 Promotion

Wherever your summer vacation takes you, it’s the best time to visit a local music store and participate until 31 August 2022 in our #ModalSummer2022 competition.

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In this Quick Dive instalment, we'll be taking a closer look at the new "Chorus 2" effect, introduced with COBALT8 Firmware v1.4. Chorus 2 is plucked straight out of the COBALT5S, providing a great new tool to create a lush and dense synth sound.

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MODALapp v2.8.3 improves the reliability, stability and enhances the user experience with all Modal synthesisers

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This episode of Modal Mysteries covers one of the biggest names in EDM; Joel Zimmerman, AKA Deadmau5, brings an epic blend of synthwave and progressive EDM in one of his recent tracks, "Hyperlandia feat. Foster the People." The Modal Mystery covers the club mix in particular. The simple yet effective synthwave bass shown on the COBALT5S is a textbook example of how easy and effective the COBALT series of synthesisers are. All synth elements in the mix were recreated using modal synths as well.

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COBALT8 Firmware v1.4 Available Now

COBALT8 Firmware v1.4 is a bug fix release to address a user-reported issue with FX presets.