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Created by Modal Electronics
Published on 8th 8 2021, 3:34 pm
  • How to Integrate Pitch Bend into your performances
  • How to choose fingerings for playing melodic phrases, runs and figures
  • How to set up your sounds for more expression via the traditional synth controllers (Pitch Bed, Mod Wheel, aftertouch, knobs and sliders)
  • Learning how to read/navigate a song chart (things like repeat signs, first and second endings, D.S. and D.C. signs, Codas etc.)
  • Understanding the various electro-mechanical keyboards of yesteryear: how they made their sounds, how to play them authentically, classic songs to study for each…
  • Learning to read and play syncopated rhythmic figures
  • How to develop better time and how to practice with a metronome
  • The circle of 5th
  • How to finish a song
  • How to make classic synth sounds