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ARGON8 Firmware v2.6 Now Available

Just when you thought the ARGON-Series couldn’t get any more feature-packed, Modal Electronics announce Firmware v2.6, empowering users with 12 new Wavetable Banks, 60 new Waveforms and a host of must-have workflow enhancements

ARGON8 Firmware v2.6 adds 12 new Wavetable Banks containing 60 all-new Waveforms. Now, producers, performers and sound designers can experience immediate access to two independent wave-groups each containing 180 carefully crafted wavetables split into 36 banks of 5 morphable waveform sets; there’s even an additional PWM bank and 3 noise/modulation banks accessible on wave-group 2. In addition, users can now effortlessly link OSC2 tuning to be linked to OSC1 frequency via a handy OSC2 Tune Mode control. Fuse all of this with 32 static wavetable modifiers including, de-rez, wave folders, waveshapers, phase shapers and rectify, all of which can be applied to the 180 wavetables – not to mention 8 types of oscillator modifier – and the sonic possibilities are virtually limitless. 

New Firmware v2.6 Wavetables

Chew – This wavetable starts as a fuzzy square-derived waveshape and takes on a more sinister identity as position value increases. Expect good results when used for bass texture or wobbles.

Grit – A highly versatile table for making anything from hybrid keys to swirling pads. At position 0, this table can be used as a smoother substitute for a sawtooth. From there, you’ll hear a frequency sweep upwards as detain and grit steadily increase to form an energized and highly detailed waveform with its own distinct personality. 

Gnar – We took a trusty sawtooth and gave it a healthy dose of acupuncture therapy. Pins and needles might not be for everyone, but when this table gets a solid injection of phase mod from oscillator 2 (try running feedback on Osc 2!), it’s unstoppable for all things gnarly. Find a low key of choice and push/pull that joystick. 

Wicked – Things can get pretty intense using wicked. This particular wavetable carries a lot of mid frequencies, with noticeable overtones and harmonies. Wicked needs to be modulated to sound its best. Inject some phase mod or sync, along with movements in wavetable positions from either LFO’s or the Mod envelope, and you’ll be off-planet in no time.

Transient – Created for the sole purpose of making distinct transient hits. You do this with the mod envelope, altering the position with a quick decay time. The far end of the wavetable has punchy highs and mids, while the other side contains much more subdued tones. This is another highly versatile preset, as it also makes an excellent modulation oscillator when used in oscillator 2.

Feedback – Starts out with a high amount of overtones over what could arguably be a sin wave, and gradually picks up in the mids and highs. Eventually it becomes sort of a cross between an FM infused sin wave and a sawtooth. On its own you can use this without much modulation and still pull off stuff like bells, mallet instruments, or even a mangled lead or bass. The real magic of Feedback is when you use it in conjunction with the Oscillator Mod, particularly phase mod, to shape oscillator 1 into aggressive crunchy wobbles and punches.

FM Organ – This one’s pretty self explanatory. If you like organs, set this one up on oscillator 1 or 2 and use a little wind sync for another layer of organ overtones.

Metal – Exactly as named, this one’s full of metalic ting tang texture. Much like Feedback, this one can also do wonders when used as an Oscillator Mod, Especially Phase Modulation.

Fat – Oscillator shapes sampled from an analogue synthesizer. For classic analogue sounds, this table does well as an alternative to the standard VA table. Expect pleasant results when used with filter envelope stabs and rises. 

Filter – Filter is a saw wave sampled through an analogue filter sweep

Vsync –  is sampled from CRAFTsynth 2.0 Vocaloid Sync modifier.

Retro2 – Samples from a famous Japanese polysynth.

Metal – Metalic overtones and tons of texture. If chrome was a sound, this might be what it sounds like. Great for Drum&Bass leads and basses.

FM Organ – Sourced from organ tones manipulated with FM synthesis.

ARGON8 v2.6 Release Notes

New Features

  • Added 12 new Wavetable Banks (60 new waveforms)
  • Added OSC2 Tune Mode control which allows OSC2 tuning to be linked to OSC1 frequency


  • Fixed Tempo Synced LFO2 Rate mod assignment scaling
  • Fixed edge case DSP usage issues
  • Fixed modulation destinations not being cleared when setting a mod dest to ‘-‘ in the app or on screen

Use MODALapp to update your ARGON8 synth

With the latest MODALapp version (2.7.6 or newer required), updating your MODAL synthesiser is easy as 1-2-3. Open the application on your computer or mobile device and it will guide you automatically through the update process.

For further information please read our article in our Support Database.

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