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ARGON8 Sound Packs from James Dyson

Four custom sound banks boldly exploring the depths of the ARGON8 by self-confessed synthesiser addict James Dyson

ARGON8 Sound Packs by James Dyson


This new, free sound set for ARGON8 from James Dyson compiles out-of-space wavetable sounds, including deep bases, lush pads, soaring leads and dense soundscapes and effects.


Fifty patches for ARGON8 from James Dyson turn your ARGON8 in a space ship to endeavour unknown galaxies and new planets far away.


Inspired by the legendary Modal 002 and using dedicated 002 wavetables in ARGON8, James Dyson sculpted a patch collection as a reminiscence to this amazing synth.

The Planets

With the exclusive sound set ‘The Planets,’ sound designer James Dyson created an inspiring patch collection, containing spacey arps, pads and soundscapes.

James Dyson

James Dyson is a self-confessed synthesiser addict who became excited about electronic music instruments at the early age of 8. After hearing ‘Jeff Waynes War Of The Worlds’ with its haunting sounds, which still impress to this day, he decided to unveil the mysteries of sound. 

His adventures let him explore all sorts of synthesisers and he build strong skills in sound design. Since many years he built his reputation as sound creator, synth expert and electronic musician with an ever-growing fanbase.

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