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COBALT8 Firmware v2.1 Available Now

After releasing the milestone firmware update v2 for our Extended Virtual-Analogue Synthesiser, we constantly work to improve the performance of our COBALT8 family synths.

Firmware v2.1 includes bug fixes and other improvements. Please refer to the Firmware Release Notes for further details.

Use MODALapp to update your COBALT8

With the latest MODALapp version (2.8.5 or newer required), updating your MODAL synthesiser is easy as 1-2-3. Open the application on your computer or mobile device and it will guide you automatically through the update process.

For further information please read our article in our Support Database.

COBALT8 v2.1 - Release Notes


  • Updated the Note > Cutoff behaviour when using the Relative and Bipolar Filter Cutoff Scaling modes so that it tracks portamento / glide and pitch bend
  • Added a panel shortcut for the Osc Free Run parameter – hold the ‘Patch’ button and turn the Osc2 Tune control (the ‘A2/Tune2’ encoder)
  • Improved the behaviour / feel of the encoder when controlling the Cutoff Scaling parameter


  • Fixed an arpeggiator delay / latency issue introduced in Firmware V2
  • Fixed arpeggiator hanging notes issues potentially seen when using long divisions and gate lengths
  • Fixed an arpeggiator chord mode issue where pressed notes may not all be added to the arp straight away
  • Fixed very rare crash when sending certain tempo values from external MIDI


8 voice 37-key
extended virtual-analogue synthesiser


8 voice 61-key
extended virtual-analogue synthesiser


8 voice
extended virtual-analogue module/rack

FACTORY Sound Pack

COBALT8 Factory Vol. 2

Firmware V2 for the COBALT8 series is a milestone update for our acclaimed series of extended virtual-analogue synths. The new Factory Patches V2 take full advantage of the newly introduced Vintage, and Oscillator Free Run parameters, the new filters, the new effects and include classic analogue polysynth sounds as well as contemporary synth textures for every music genre.

sound demo