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Modal Minute #33 – COBALT8 and ARGON8 Audio In

The Audio Input on COBALT8 and ARGON8 allows to route external audio signals into the synth to jam with your favourite music track or groove box, or to expand the limited amount of input channels on your mixer or audio interface. Here is how this works.
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Modal Minute #39 – Hardware Mod Assignments on COBALT8 and ARGON8

Assigning Modulation Routes via the ARGON8 and COBALT8 hardware is quick and easy and doesn't need Modalapp. In this Modal Minute we show you how to connect sources with destination right from the synth user interface.

Modal Minute #38 – Using LFOs on COBALT8 and ARGON8

LFOs are essential modulation sources for synthesiser sounds. We show three examples for exciting LFO applications on COBALT8 and ARGON8.

Modal Minute #37 – EG Variations on COBALT8 and ARGON8

With three Envelope Generators, ARGON8 and COBALT8 have a lot to offer for creative sound design sessions. This Modal Minute highlights how to use the different EG characteristics for tailored curves depending on the desired patch type, like plucked sounds, basses or pads.