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Modal Minute #37 – EG Variations on COBALT8 and ARGON8

With three Envelope Generators, ARGON8 and COBALT8 have a lot to offer for creative sound design sessions. This Modal Minute highlights how to use the different EG characteristics for tailored curves depending on the desired patch type, like plucked sounds, basses or pads.
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MODALapp version 2.8.3 now available

MODALapp v2.8.3 improves the reliability, stability and enhances the user experience with all Modal synthesisers

Modal Mysteries: HyperLandia Bass

This episode of Modal Mysteries covers one of the biggest names in EDM; Joel Zimmerman, AKA Deadmau5, brings an epic blend of synthwave and progressive EDM in one of his recent tracks, "Hyperlandia feat. Foster the People." The Modal Mystery covers the club mix in particular. The simple yet effective synthwave bass shown on the COBALT5S is a textbook example of how easy and effective the COBALT series of synthesisers are. All synth elements in the mix were recreated using modal synths as well.

Modal Electronics Backstage: Venus Theory, Part Two

In Part 2 of our latest Modal Electronics Backstage Blog Article we catch up with Sound Designer, Composer and Content creator Venus Theory. From creative inspiration to top sound design tips and techniques - plus some of the stellar Modal Electronics Content created to-date - we take a deep-dive into the wonderful world of this eclectic creative.

COBALT8 Firmware v1.4 Available Now

COBALT8 Firmware v1.4 is a bug fix release to address a user-reported issue with FX presets.

Modal Masters: Percussion and Effects with ARGON8

Get an in-depth look at some creative ways to make synthetic drums and percussion effects in your own productions. Using the fast workflow of the Modal App, we'll create some new sounds on the fly. We'll then take those sounds into Ableton and explore some effective ways to blend the percussion in with side-chain compression and Xfer LFO tool. This instalment is shown on an ARGON8 but also applies to other MODAL synths, like COBALT8 or COBALT5S.

Modal Electronics Backstage: James Bunton, Part Two

Part 2 of our Backstage Blog Article with producer, mix engineer and composer James Bunton, discussing his influences, studio gear and of course, the latest addition to his studio, ARGON8.