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Cheddar Shredder

Cheddar Shredder for ARGON8 is an acid-inspired rhythmic preset designed for bass, lead, or rhythmic melodic sequences. However, it doesn’t use the arp, and doesn’t contain a sequence.

This particular patch generates all of it’ mojo with the help of aftertouch and joystick. It’s best played in the lower octave, but can also be useful for midrange riffs. Move the stick forward for chugging heavy metal 8th notes, or use aftertouch to get 16th note staccato overdrive harmonics. The ideal application is to use both simultaneously to create tons of catchy riffs and evolving sounds.

Don’t forget to tempo match if you’re using internal clock settings. If you’re sync’d up externally, ensure you have a clock signal coming in from a DAW, sequencer, or drum machine. This freebie is sure to get you moving.