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ARGON8 Firmware v2.0 now available

Includes MPE Support, Polyphonic Step Sequencer, Selectable Envelope Curves, Gain Boost and more

ARGON8 Firmware v2.0 now available

ARGON8 Firmware v2.0 marks a milestone in the evolution of this instrument.

Built around our acclaimed wavetable sound engine, Firmware v2.0 finetunes existing features and injects bold new performance options to improve ARGON8’s versatility.

Please update your ARGON8 via the standalone MODALapp.

New Polyphonic Step Sequencer

The new Polyphonic Step Sequencer mode introduces more creative freedom when creating exciting melodic patterns.

Up to eight notes per step can be precisely programmed to play simultaneously with the four Animation lanes offering parameter-lock style automation.

The all-new Step Seq mode will lead to new exciting modulations not available before. Multiple playback styles and many other options complete this new function.

Selectable Envelope Curves

We have now added seven new envelope types with three additional curves (Snappy, Soft, Linear) and Long variants which possess a maximum release time of 10 seconds.

These types are stored per-patch, and each envelope type is independent so you can have a different type for MEG, FEG and AEG in the same patch. You can find these settings at the bottom of the AEG, FEG and MEG pages on the screen.

  • Expo – classic curve found in the original release of Argon – suited for most sound types
  • Snappy – fast attack and decay time curves – best suited for percussive material
  • Soft – smoother attack and release time curves – best suited for pads
  • Linear – simple linear ramp for each envelope stage – best suited for modulation
  • Expo Long – Expo curve with double the maximum time for each stage of the envelope
  • Snappy Long – Snappy curve with double the maximum time for each stage of the envelope
  • Soft Long – Soft curve with double the maximum time for each stage of the envelope
  • Linear Long – Linear curve with double the maximum time for each stage of the envelope

Audio Output and Gain Boost

Firmware 2.0 features a revised gain structure, for advanced output level adjustments:

The new Gain Boost setting adds a gain boost across all patches and increases the average output level.

We have also increased the range of the Patch Gain control, allowing you to balance even the quietest patches, and dramatically improved the audio quality while decreasing noise floor, so adding gain from external sources won’t introduce unwanted noise.

MPE Support, Chord Invert and New Delay Modes

MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) is the most considerable new development of the MIDI standard in recent time. Now available to ARGON8, MPE unlocks multidimensional control of parameters more expressive performance opportunities with compatible MPE controllers.

With Chord Invert, chord inversions and variations can be easily achieved. You can take advantage of this for huge stereo pads by combining Chord Invert, Stack and Voice Width/Drift settings.

With longer delay times and a mode for cleaner delays, the Delay Effect also gets an upgrade. The delay mode control unlocks several different variations of delay, introducing new Clean and Long settings, adding more interesting options to spice up our synth sounds.

  • Colour – The original classic colouring delay that saturates and smears delay tails slightly.
  • Clean – A crystal clear delay with no smear to the feedback tails. Offers the same time scaling as Standard.
  • Long – Our pristine Clean delay with up to 4x Colour or Clean delay times.

New ARGON8 v2.0 patches

Additionally, we have released a dedicated sound set. These new patches showcase many of the new firmware features.

Available as SysEx files, they deliver a perfect starting point for creative musical adventures with ARGON8’s new functions. 

New MODALapp and ARGON8 v2.0 User Manual

Accompanying the new firmware functions, the new MODALapp is the go-to tool for immersive sound design sessions. Whether screen editing of step sequences, adjusting patch gain or applying advanced envelopment curves, MODALapp helps to master ARGON8.

For more information about the new functions, please refer to our updated user manual, available from our support page or the Downloads section of the corresponding product web pages.