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Cinematics. It ignites emotion like no other musical subgenre. Its power to take audiences from the lofty heights of adrenalin-spiked joy to an ether of tranquil calm – skimming a myriad of emotive locales along the way – is truly palpable. The foundations that play launch-pad to this feel-fuelled production discipline? Sounds, textures and next-level synth-theory application. Enter Anamorphics for ARGON8 by Musician and Sound Designer Venus Theory. This 30-patch collection of presets for the wavetable-centric pillar in our current synth roster is primed to kindle your creativity and transport your listener elsewhere. Everything, from stirring celestial leads to pulsating rhythmic beds and other-worldy textures, is expertly included – simultaneously providing an insight into the mind of this eclectic creative and a true demonstration of the power our forward-thinking Wavetable architecture provides. To think of this as just another run-of-the-mill preset collection is nothing but a disservice; Anamorphics is your inception and final-destination into an ever-changing sonic expanse like no other.