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Electric Ivory

Whether it’s laid-back smoky jazz bar vibes, or the undisputed bedrock of any soul-inspired performance, one thing’s for certain: a go-to collection of electric piano sounds. Introducing Electric Ivory for ARGON8, a performance-ready assortment of authentic e-piano presets inspired by the classic tones of the legendary Rhodes and Wurlitzer. Dive head-first into altered realms of nostalgia with ARGON8’s unique take on classics like the MKS-20 and DX-7, with a number forward-thinking hybrid blends thrown in for good measure. Every patch has been extensively play-tested for an optimal response that captures every subtle nuance of your performance. It’s safe to say Electric Ivory’s expansive assortment of e-pianos sound as good as they play! So, what are you waiting for? Kickstart your journey into a certified classic and forever change your preconceptions of what our next-generation Wavetable Engine is capable of!