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Monster Machine – ARGON8 Preset Pack

Ultra-inspiring 40-patch free sound library harnesses the power of the ARGON wavetable sound engine and guarantees to take users creative production ‘elsewhere’

Monster Machine - ARGON8 Preset Pack

Modal Electronics is excited to announce an all-new sound library for the feature packed ARGON Series synthesisers – Monster Machine. Harnessing the raw power of the ARGON Series’ supercharged wavetable synth engine and injecting a heavy dose of inspiration from horror and Sci-Fi genres, this collection of 40 other worldly textures guarantees to take your creativity to never ventured heights.

Featuring a meticulously curated collection of dystopian sound beds, edgy thunderous basses and eery lead lines, Monster Machine is ideal for adding a new dimension to modern music production and traditional composition scenarios alike.

Looking to spice up your creative output with some fresh new sounds? Download the Monster Machine library using the link below!


8 voice 37-key
wavetable synthesiser


8 voice 61-key
wavetable synthesiser


8 voice
wavetable module/rack