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This is FILTON

Dual Analogue Transistor Ladder Filter Module for Eurorack now on Kickstarter!


Dual Analogue Transistor Ladder Filter

The sound of an analogue 4-Pole Transistor Ladder Filter has been hailed for decades. Synth lovers and music fanatics around the world fell instantly in love with its sound.

With Filton, you can inject the rich characteristics of a true analogue 4-Pole Ladder Filter with Transistor drive into your Eurorack setup. This 20HP module delivers two discreet filter signal paths that can also run in a stereo mode. With its carefully designed user interface, Filton allows direct control access to all important parameters.

Filton is available for a limited time only as an exclusive Kickstarter project.

Filter audio with the powerful sound of true analogue dual transistor ladder filter circuitry, inherited from Modal’s legendary 002 synth

Morph seamlessly from four pole 24db per octave lowpass through bandpass to one pole 6db per octave lowpass

Gain thick and warm timbres with saturated transistor overdrive and resonant harmonic peaks

Process two input signals or one stereo signal through two discrete filter paths, with individual or summed audio output

Connect four analogue CV sources to control FM, Resonance, Morph and Level, plus pitch tracking by the 1V/Oct input

Integrate it with its sleek 20HP matte powder coated aluminium panel into your Eurorack system